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Time to Straighten Things Ups?

We can help teenagers and adults with a desire to have straighter teeth reach that goal. Clear aligners are a series of clear, comfortable trays that fit over your teeth and slowly move your teeth over time.

These aligners are custom-made to fit only you and are changed out every couple of weeks. They are clear, so there are no bands, elastics, or brackets like traditional braces. They are easy to use, easy to keep your teeth clean, are conveniently changed, and can straighten your teeth without most people even knowing you are wearing them.

invisalign braces

Pleasant Street Dental proudly serves the East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Hampden, Wilbraham & Springfield areas and beyond.

Benefits of Using Clear Aligners:


Aligners are clear and virtually invisible as opposed to brackets and wires


Aligners are smooth and comfortable where as metal braces can poke and irritate the inside of your mouth


Aligners are removable for easy cleaning as opposed to metal braces where you have to brush and floss more often


With aligners you can eat whatever you want, whereas with metal braces you are recommended to stay away from sugary and sticky foods

Dr. Duong will gladly review your individual needs to see if clear aligners are right for you.