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How to Choose a Toothpaste

Looking at the toothpaste section of your local supermarket or pharmacy can make your head spin. Not only are there dozens of brands, but each brand has dozens of options to choose from. Most consumers might even pick a toothpaste with little confidence that they even made the correct choice.

Well, we’re here to clear the air. We’ll show you how to make an informed decision when choosing toothpaste.

Do You Need Tooth Whitening?

Many kinds of toothpaste advertise themselves as “tooth whitening.” In our experience, the short-term effects of tooth whitening toothpaste are minimal, if not non-existent. Worse yet, overuse of a tooth whitening toothpaste can cause tooth sensitivity and long-term damage to your enamel. If you’re looking for tooth whitening, we recommend getting it done cosmetically rather than relying on the dubious claims of your favorite brand of toothpaste.

Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Believe it or not, the popular over-the-counter options for tooth-sensitive toothpaste are effective. They need to be used for the long-term but should net you the benefits they advertise. However, if you still suffer from tooth sensitivity even after trying the OTC options, then it might be time to visit your dentist to get a prescription-strength option.

Are You Getting the Benefits of Your Toothpaste?

No matter what toothpaste you choose, you’ll only reap the benefits of that toothpaste if you refrain from rinsing, eating, and drinking for an hour after you’ve brushed your teeth. Yes, the idea of gargling a mouthful of water after brushing (and spitting all that useful toothpaste into the sink) is wrong. You want the toothpaste to linger on your teeth, keeping bacteria in check and strengthening enamel.

Are You Worried About Enamel?

Speaking of enamel, you have a right to be worried about your supply of it. Enamel is indeed a limited resource inside our mouths. However, our bodies are more than capable of fortifying existing, healthy enamel. Teeth that have already been ground down are not so lucky.

With that said, we recommended fluoridated toothpaste—fluoride helps our bodies strengthen our existing enamel, making it more durable. We recommend against things like charcoal toothpaste—they advertise to whiten your teeth, but they’re actually highly abrasive and will sand that precious enamel away over time. Did you know that enamel, when it’s healthy, has a slightly yellow hue to it? It’s true—healthy and strong teeth are inherently yellow!

Are you in need of a cleaning or whitening? Reach out to us today. We can suggest a toothpaste that works best for you on the spot.