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Improve Your Brushing Technique

Let’s face it – sometimes we get a little lax about our dental hygiene. We get wrapped up in getting the kids to school on time, or maybe we didn’t feel like brushing for two whole minutes, so instead, you brush at warp speed. Whatever the factors, proper brushing takes a backseat to more pressing matters.

But nothing should be more important than the health of your smile! Upping your brushing game will only help prolong your dental health to keep you enjoying the foods you love and smiling for a long time.

Cover All Areas of Your Teeth

Bacteria like to get nice and cozy in the ridges of teeth and towards the gum line. When brushing, establish a routine to ensure you get the front, back, top, and sides of all your teeth. Focusing on two or three at a time can make things easier.

Use A Circular Motion 

A circular motion allows you to cover the most surface area of the teeth and the gums. It also makes it easier for the bristles to find their way into the cracks between your teeth for a deeper clean.

Watch How Much Force You Use

You might think that brushing with more pressure can be an effective way to get rid of more bacteria. Brushing too harshly can cause many problems over time. Too much scrubbing can cause enamel erosion, leaving grooves in your teeth or even rounding the bottoms. Aggressive brushing can also create a receding gum line leading to sensitivity. The higher the gum line begins to recede, the more nerves become exposed. Therefore the more hot, cold, and sweet items will affect you.

Focus On The Fluoride 

Not all toothpaste is created equal. When shopping for toothpaste and mouthwash, grab the products that include fluoride whenever possible. Fluoride adds an extra layer of protection from acids, sugars, and bacteria. Who doesn’t like a helping hand?

Invest In The Right Tools 

Purchasing an excellent electric toothbrush can do wonders for your oral hygiene. Nowadays, many electric toothbrushes utilize round heads with soft bristles, shaped perfectly to get between teeth. Cleaning one by one and removing bacteria from hard-to-reach places. The faster movement also helps to break up built-on plaque more effectively than by hand.

Don’t forget about your greatest resource! Come in and see your dental professionals twice a year. Regular cleanings will remove any plaque hiding out and give you a clean slate.

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