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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February has been deemed National Children’s Dental Health Month, brought to you by the American Dental Association. We use this month to help educate and bring awareness to our little ones on why keeping up with your dental health is so important. This is because instilling positive teeth brushing habits and gum care can pave the way for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Getting your child on a routine schedule of performing preventative dental care can reduce the risk of dental disease which can maximize the overall benefits.  The theme for 2022 is titled “Sealants Make Sense”. The graphic highlights cartoon-like teeth, using their sealants as a shield to fight off bad bacteria. Sealants are a protective barrier against decay for newly erupted teeth. The reason behind this year’s theme is to advocate for dental associates so that parents can understand how much of a benefit properly sealing a cavity can be for their little ones.

We can all prevent cavities by brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, hugging your tooth with a piece of floss and cleaning in between them so that no food is left behind after meals, promote healthy eating habits within your home. Sugary beverages like Sodas or Gatorades, and sugary snacks like candy bars, or Ice-Cream can be a sweet treat once in a while, but over-indulging in certain food groups can have a damaging and lasting effect on your teeth which can cause tooth decay, and cavities. Yearly checkups with Pleasant St. Dental are another great way to stay on top of your overall dental care, this way we’ll notice if anything comes up of concern and quickly fix it to avoid further issues.  Sealants and preventive resin restorations are two ways that we can make sure these dental problems don’t return. Early tooth decay has developed over time into the most common reason for disease in children, even more so than childhood asthma. According to the ADA, roughly forty-percent of kids will likely have some form of tooth decay by the time they begin Kindergarten. Taking care of baby teeth is extremely important because of their main purpose. Baby teeth are there to help a child speak, chew, and smile, and they’ll realistically have them for about 10 years before they start to lose any. These baby teeth are legitimate placeholders for adult teeth. It’s more difficult for baby teeth to handle sugary foods and drinks because when the acid attacks enamel it’s more thin thus more likely to become broken down and develop tooth decay. 

Going to the dentist can be a scary place for kids, especially if it’s their first time.  We encourage all children to ask as many questions as they would like during their visit so that they feel comfortable enough to want to return. Our team has found that explaining what is happening during a teeth cleaning, or a filling appointment can ease the anxiety in almost every case. Pleasant St. Dental offers Laser Dentistry, which means virtually “no shots”, “no drilling”, and “no pain” this. If this isn’t enough of a reason to come visit us, we also allow children to bring a favorite stuffed animal for added encouragement and support, or even a favorite electronic like an iPad.  Our staff is always eager to greet you at the door with nothing short of smiles and good energy. It is our goal to provide you with a relaxing experience while your child is in our care.

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